Almost unbelievably, LROOM started with just two team members in 2015! LROOM’s founder built the unique online flower boutique and started her journey of bringing beautiful, positive life aesthetics to people’s everyday lives. In only three years, on September 8th, 2018, LROOM opened its first location on New York’s historic 14th St. The owner of LROOM Cafe, graduate of Parson’s and lifetime flower lover, took charge and led a group of talented people to work collaboratively and create dream desserts for people like you. Called “pretty and delicious” and “art to eat” by the media, these special dining experiences are for healing— and they bring happiness to our daily lives.We are asking for YOU, part of our LROOM family, to please help us go through the COVID-19 Crisis together.We are now offering E-gift cards as well as a donation page open to save our loyal employees and the café itself. These purchases, even in the smallest of amounts, will help the Café survive through this pandemic.Your financial support is needed now more than ever, and we are sincerely grateful for any help you can provide. The smallest donation is appreciated more than you can imagine.We love you all, stay safe, and stay healthy.We will see you after quarantine!